Finest Blended Canarian Whiskey

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The cultivation of cereals and whiskey production are as ancient parts of the Canaries’ scenery as the Drago tree. For centuries, the people of the Canary Islands have proudly grown cereals, their nutritional foundation.

Through the noble drink of whiskey, we want to partly restore the tradition and give back to our land part of what it gave us.

WHISKEY DRAGO. Where Legend and Reality Meet.

Our Whiskey

This finest Blended Canarian Whiskey is made from a perfectly balanced blend of wheat and barley. It consists of 50% wheat and 25% unmalted barley, together with 15% malted barley and 10% malted wheat, all from the typical varieties most commonly grown on the islands, such as “barbilla” wheat (Triticum Aestivum) and “rabuda” or “plaganuda” barley (Hordeum Vulgare).

It is matured in 225-litre oak casks in new European oak barrels (Quercus Robur, Quercus Petraea, Quercus Pyrenaica) from Hungarian, French and Spanish forests.

The distillation is carried out in a copper column from the end of the 19th century with direct wood fire heating.

We obtain a spirit with a lighter profile from unmalted grains, distilling to between 75-80% vol. and a slightly heavier profile in the case of the malts, between 60-65% vol., thus preserving all the character of the cereal, all its aroma and flavour, and maintaining a variety of intense smoky notes.

As a fundamental and final part, the product is reduced to bottling strength with water, an element of great importance in whiskey production. We use pure water from the natural aquifers of Marcos y Cordero on the island of La Palma.

Who We Are


The minds behind this whiskey are José M. Quevedo and Santiago Bronchales. José, co-owner of Destilerías Aldea, is a fourth-generation Master Rum Maker. He has led Ron Aldea to be a renowned rum authority in Europe and a quality benchmark in the Canary Islands.
Santiago, the owner of Blended & Matured, is a Master Distiller with expertise in fermentation and distillation. Certified by the IBD, he brings to the project years of experience in consulting distilleries and making successful brands.
The duo shares a comittment to quality, blending tradition and innovation and aiming at excellence in every sip.

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